Mix 004: Qreepz


qreepz-950x451Seattle-based producer and self-proclaimed beat mortician Qreepz came to my attention through his work with 88 Ultra, the head of Ultra Glacial Records who’s best known as Kingston of production duo Blue Sky Black Death.  With Ultra’s recent move across the country to New York, Qreepz is holding down the fort in Seattle, and seems to have his hands in everything.  With a dark style that blends trap, bass, pop, and hip-hop, his guest mix is a half-hour of heavy bass and icy flair.

Blvck Sand - Mikuda
Mo & Elete - Take it Back
Night Lovell - Boy Red 
Wayvee - Interstellar 
Aywy. & EphRem - YNGTHG 
Šuma - Expression 
High Klassified - Saccade Two 
Qreepz - Lightwaves [Instrumental] 
Qreepz - Lightwaves ft. Macntaj 
TWERL - Morph 
Blvck Sand - Leaf 
Lunice - Superman 
Qreepz - Dubai 
Bosstone - Lean 
Bobby Bitch (Sudos Jailbreak) 
Hucci & Gravez - Bless 
Gladiator - Plug
Lunice - Tha Doorz
Prismo - TRVP HVNDS (Madhatter Remix) 
Massappeals - Shell It Down 
Bangladesh [Sleeveless Records] 
SUPA GUCCI - Her Song 
Shackles - Sunrise



Name: Jay Battle / Qreepz

Hometown: Seattle, WA
 Current city of residence: Seattle, WA
Home away from home: Definitely my grandma’s house in Phoenix. There are Qreepy Jehovah’s Witness pamphlets, plus cable TV and hella Kool-Aid.  So much inspiration. I wrote my last album, Seance in her living room. I love writing music there, there’s a very loving vibe…a great break from regular life.
Your community:  My people. My community. Is Huge. There are so many. I run a studio on Beacon Hill, and record most of the musicians in the local music scene. I’ve produced, recorded, mixed and mastered for over 150 artists from Seattle. The Seattle music scene is incredibly sick. There’s so much talent, so much energy! I love it. I love my community. I love my people.
I’m part of a record label and nightlife style community called CODA. We run a diverse palette of bass music every month at Q Nightclub in Seattle. I’m also part of a collective called ANOMALY, a community of producers and DJs that share workflow, sound design and marketing techniques. My squad is heavy.
Last major purchase:  My last major purchase was a Murdered Out Porsche Cayenne with my Qreepz logo printed over the gas tank. Major shout out to Dominic at Auto Quest and Jerrod at Vogue Autowerks. Again, the squad is heavy.
Last expensive meal:  $50 on gas, $40 on plates, and $80 on pitchers of beer. I say $50 in gas because my favorite restaurant Chang’s Mongolian Grill shut down in Washington, so
had to drive all the way passed Tigard, Oregon just to eat that shit. It was worth it.
Last record store picks:  The Dresden Dolls (2003 self titled release), Dntel (Life is Full of Possibilities) and Nacho Picasso (The Witchtape), which I coproduced on but there weren’t any copies left so I had to buy one. Yes, I had to buy my own album.
Favorite music venue:  Q Nightclub and Foundation in Seattle, because they get me and they always take care of me, and they let me play whatever I want. the crowd always responds well and you can tell people come there to let go. But my favorite venue to watch shows is definitely Showbox Market in Seattle,  I love the layout and everyone I’ve seen there has been a great show.
Your secret passion:  my secret passion is to become a spy or a computer hacker but that seems like a dead end road. Also I don’t practice enough. I don’t have very many side hobbies. Maybe bowling…or  collecting vinyl?  I dunno, I feel like if I’m doing anything else other than fucking my girlfriend or working on music I’m wasting my life.
2017 goals:  my 2017 goals are to get reimbursed by the city for the pot hole I hit in my car that ruined my life. To release this album I’m working on with 88 Ultra under our new production duo named Kaskets, to release a new solo album, an album from my band Dead Rich, plus a collaboration album with all of my favorite artists from my city. Other than that, just learn how to be a better person and love myself.  You gotta love yourself.
photos courtesy of Dyllyn Greenwood and Jordan McGrath
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