Music Video: Skyway Man – “Creation // Someday” (Yewknee)

Skyway Man is the latest project of Nashville-based James Wallace, best known for his work in Promised Land Sound and James Wallace & the Naked Light.  Wallace’s debut as Skyway Man is a bold new move, yet also practically a rite of passage for those who start with the traditional and get restless: Skyway Man is Wallace’s alter-ego, his Ziggy Stardust or Edward Sharpe.  With the change in identity comes an exploration of a sound one never would have expected, one that seemingly couldn’t have come from the previous person alone.

Most of Skyway Man’s debut album, Seen Comin’ From a Mighty Eye, is yet to be heard, but Drew Bourdet’s video for “Creation // Someday” definitively sets the mood as trippy, mystical, and pastoral, depicting James Wallace and a woman navigating a landscape that’s either an alien world or the product of some really great drugs they took.  The chaos is anchored by a beautiful, Akron/Family-esque vocal refrain, a moment of simple, brilliant tranquility in a song that otherwise breaks all the rules.

Pre-order Seen Comin’ From a Mighty Eye here, it’s out 2/10 through Yewknee Records.


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