“the lockdown periods of the pandemic weren’t entirely the shock for us that they were to many other people”

“The string progression from Tim McGraw’s “Live Like You Were Dying” truly spoke to me and wasn’t one I was expecting, so I wanted to take advantage of this pleasant surprise and go the route of a trance/dubstep track.”

“It’s just so strange that this thing exists in the first place. Of course it would be out in the middle of the desert.”

“We sat there looking out at the coastline and vast expanse of water, a bit damp from the rain, and ‘An Iken Loop’ playing on the car stereo.”

“I realized that what seemed like a grouping of raw and damaged outliers was easily the most honest record I could complete.”

“It’s just a name drawn into the concrete of a local grocery store, and it’s been there for like 25 years.”