Kaskets (88 Ultra & Qreepz) – Waves of Ashes (Ultra Glacial)

Blue Sky Black Death’s extended family is always up to no good.  The duo, consisting of producers Young God and Kingston (aka 88 Ultra), share their music like mischievous kids tagging bus stops and alleyways with spray paint; their M.O. is under the radar, nocturnal and playfully sinister.  Most importantly, they are persistent and ever-present, gleeful workaholics you can rely on for steady new output.

Blue Sky Black Death repeatedly work with a consistent list of artists – Child Actor, Nacho Picasso, PRFCT Storm, Deniro Farrar, Yes Alexander…the list goes on.  Lately, Qreepz has been a big factor in their scene, releasing a solo album, Séance, on 88 Ultra’s Ultra Glacial label, along with plentiful singles and production work.  Now Ultra and Qreepz have teamed up as Kaskets, with a full-length debut album, Waves of Ashes, out now.  Stream it below, and revisit Qreepz’ recent Slow Breathing Circuit interview and mix here.

Kaskets: Bandcamp – Soundcloud



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