Visual Album: Teen Daze – Themes for Dying Earth (FLORA)

Teen Daze has been a familiar name in the game for a while now, the project of the Vancouver-based producer otherwise known only as Jamison.  While his previous album, Morning World, was a diverse record that explored many genres from summery indie rock to chillwave, electronica and beyond, Jamison eventually came to the conclusion that he couldn’t stand behind the album’s carefree message.  With humanity declaring all-out war on the environment, Jamison needed to speak up.

Enter Themes for Dying Earth, a record that stays positive in sound despite its grim title.  Throughout its eleven hushed, gentle tracks, Teen Daze celebrates nature with a renewed reverence for its fragility and suffering.  To drive this point home, Jamison knew he needed visuals, so he provided a full 40-minute music video for the album, leading us through verdant forests, city streets, and quiet pastures with power lines looming above.  Themes for Dying Earth is out now on Jamison’s own FLORA label, pick it up over at Bandcamp.


photo by Sharalee Prang

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