The Georgia-based producer and visual artist hides spoken word messages inside glitched-out pop and hip-hop edits.


Slow Breathing Circuit · 018: TD Cruze



TD Cruze


Valdosta, GA

Current city / place of residence:

Valdosta, GA

Home away from home:

Slab City, CA

What have you been listening to this week?

Jesus by Blu, Catch by Peter Cottontale, and Splitradix’s new compilation The Skatter Files, which I encourage everyone to check out on his Bandcamp if you have any interest in early 2000’s glitch-pop remixes.

Favorite local record shop: What’d you grab last time you went?

Restored Treasures. It’s a giant thrift store/warehouse, but they always have a great collection of old vinyl/CDs/cassettes. Not sure what I got last… been a minute since I’ve been there due to the current climate. But another great thing about them is all of their proceeds go to local drug/alcohol rehabilitation programs!

You released 3 EPs last October.  Can you tell us a little about them? How did you link up with Planet Asia?

Posthumous Collection Vol. 1 & 2 and Milano Collection TD were a result of stockpiling ideas and samples that I had been kicking around and playing with from 2016 to 2019. They were not originally meant to be released together but as I started working my new job in 2016, I became less disciplined in terms of finishing and releasing music so it wasn’t until mid-2019 I was able to polish it and put it out.

Planet Asia’s verse was actually recorded in January 2017. There isn’t a very interesting story for how his feature came about, I had just been a big fan of his for a while and I emailed him about collabing, sent him the beat for Caramel Baby Pt. 2 and he liked it enough to hop on it (which I am very thankful for!) Overall I am very happy with how the projects turned out, I just probably won’t try to release 3 projects at once in the future. It’s hard enough to ask someone to sit down and listen to one project from an artist they’ve never heard of, let alone 3!

Any forthcoming music or other notable stuff in the works?

Yes, I will be releasing a new project, Scrapbooks From Heck: Leaked Government Documents and Biblical Apocrypha sometime in July. And now that I’ve told someone that, I actually have to stick to it! It’s going to be a journey into the under-explored soundscape of Glitch&B with my partner in crime, The Devil’s Grandmother herself. That’s right, she’s real. And she’s ready to rock. Also I want to write a comic book but we’ll see.



TD Cruze on Bandcamp

TD Cruze on Instagram (Visual Art)


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