Luxembourg’s finest shares his sonic weather forecast with us.

Victor Ferreira has recorded glitchy, trippy downtempo as Sun Glitters for around a decade, and also more recently as CLD.RĀN. A composer, producer, graphic designer, and label runner, he recently helped start Future Archive Recordings, an imprint that brings together veteran producers like Blockhead, Little People, and Arms & Sleepers with up-and-comers such as Yppah, il:lo, and CNJR.

Starting with the somber Arms & Sleepers track “Good Luck to Us All,” the mix eases into the sublime melodies of Evenings’ “[Lately] See You Soon.” Ferreira then leads us through a few of his own recent tracks, and classics like Boards of Canada’s remix of cLOUDEAD’s “Dead Dogs Two,” and Fennesz’s Endless Summer gem “Caecilia.” While the collection is warm, hazy, and often beautiful, a hint of something sinister creeps in from the edges throughout.

Mix 017: Grey Sky On a Sunny
01. Arms and Sleepers – Good luck to us all
02. Evenings – [Lately] See You Soon
03. Limalo – Gamogy’s Creek
04. S. Maharba – Good Girl
06. cLOUDDEAD – Dead Dogs Two (Boards of Canada Remix)
07. Teebs – Window Chimes (Nosdam’s Remix)
08. Sun Glitters – EExxtteennddeedd (feat. bvitae)
09.Oneohtrix Point Never – Sleep Dealer
10. Shed – I Come By Night
11. Sun Glitters – …
12. Fennesz – Caecilia
13. Isan – Cathart
14. Kevin Shields – “2”

Sun Glitters’ latest album, SSoofftt TToouucchh, is available now.



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