Mix 016: Selvedge

Our sixteenth guest mix comes from Lawrence, Kansas producer Selvedge. This juggernaut of a mix traverses great expanses of pulsing drone and harsh IDM, with hidden gems of experimental hip-hop, dark techno, and even ’60s Peruvian pop waiting to be found along the way.

Going forward, we’ll be asking our mix guests to pick a charity or cause to bring attention to.  Slow Breathing Circuit will  make a donation, and provide links and info for you.  To start off, Selvedge has chosen the Kansas City Community Bail Fund. Like many other big cities, Kansas City has seen its share of police brutality and arrests of peaceful protesters in the past two weeks.


“For this mix, I drew mostly from recent Bandcamp purchases and threw in a few old favorites and oddities. I find constant inspiration and education through the network of artists I’ve come across through Twitter, Bandcamp, and under-the-radar blogs. There’s always something new and wonderful to discover.” – Selvedge

Selvedge released Hunger Stones in April, and is prepping the Warm Enough double EP for an August release. Both are available on cassette and digital via Austin label Mystic Timbre, who split all their proceeds between the artists and charities like RAICES Texas and Lifeworks Austin.


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