Past Palms makes music to nourish you (and your house plants)

Trapped in the towering gridlock of New York City, Sam Friedman uses his ever-growing collection of house plants to supply a bit of much-needed nature to his urban lifestyle.  Now sure, many of us have a succulent or two, but for this young music producer it’s quite serious.  He recently told Apartment Therapy that he owned 54 plants, and with each one having its own specific needs, caring for them has to be quite an endeavor.  Enter Past Palms, a project meant to soundtrack the ritual of watering your plants.

“I. Unfurl” starts things off, like a mist-shrouded parade of leaves and tendrils slowly creeping through a portal into your apartment, setting a tone of oasis and sanctuary.  On “II. Kentia” a repeating kalimba-esque melody starts out floating on the surface, before sinking down through layers of lush washes, skittery percussive sounds and low-pitched vocals that recall golden era Tri Angle Records material.  With “III. Livistona,” “IV: Majesty,” and “V. Bloom” rounding things out, Past Palms is a perfect 15-minute chance to reset and reengage with nature.  Have your plants been watered recently?


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