Video Premiere: Lost in Stars – “Hush & Hum”

Since the emergence of Fabula, Dylan Willoughby’s latest album as Lost in Stars, the Los Angeles artist has kept busy creating music videos for the material. Inspired by the Surrealist pioneer Man Ray, Willoughby rearranged and edited Ray’s black and white film clips, first for his “Feel the Glow” video, premiered earlier this month by Big Shot magazine, and now again for the instrumental space-funk trip-hop of “Hush & Hum.”

A poet as well as a composer, Willoughby has always had a deep well of art history knowledge to draw from, whether he’s combining dubstep rhythms with Dylan Thomas quotations, using classic Greco-Roman sculpture as album art, or mashing up Anne Clark and an ancient Persian folk song like he did on Slow Breathing Circuit’s first ever guest mix.

Watch the Dada-ist “Hush & Hum” video above. Fabula is out now on all major streaming services.

-photo by Todd Sharp

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