Mix 001: Lost in Stars

Inside the mind of Dylan Willoughby, the man behind L.A.’s Lost in Stars, far-flung influences couldn’t be more logical sitting side by side.  His recent EP, Once You Were Fire, somehow combines UK dubstep and retro synth pop, adding new twists to each genre in the process.  Cinematic surrealism and spoken word passages are part of the equation too, paying tribute to classic poets like Dylan Thomas and modern wordsmiths like the Spaceape (R.I.P.).  

Along with his close-knit circle of collaborators – Elena Charbila, a.k.a. Kid Moxie, and Darren Burgos of Quantum Noise records – Willoughby is picking apart decades of music history and assembling a new vision with the pieces.  It’s an honor to have Lost in Stars, with the help of Darren Burgos, kick off Slow Breathing Circuit’s mix series.  Check out the mix, as well as a quick Q&A with Dylan and Darren, below.

(01) First recorded human voice on phonautograph (1860)
(02) Library Sciences  “Past Particle” (prod. by David Sisko)
(03) Kid Moxie  “Lacuna” (mixed by Lost in Stars & Darren Burgos)
(04) Missy Mazzoli  “A Thousand Tongues” (Lorna Dune remix)
(05) Sandflower  "Do Whatchu Wanna (Boeng Tranga)" (prod. by David Sisko)
(06) Depeche Mode  "Black Celebration" / Burial, "Forgive'
(07) Liaisons Dangereuses  “Los Ninos Del Parque”
(08) Anne Clark  "Sleeper in Metropolis" / Ancient Persian Folk Song
(09) Severed Heads  "Dead Eyes Opened"
(10) Rachel Eliza Griffiths  “Icarus Dreams of the Godfather” (poem)
(11) Varick  "Boundless" (prod. by David Sisko)
(12) Orchestral Maneuvres in the Dark  "Almost"



Dylan Willoughby / Lost in Stars (front right)

Darren Burgos / Feel Sensor (back left)


DW: London, England         DB: Los Angeles

Current city of residence:

Los Angeles

Last major purchase:

DW – Moog Mother 32 semi-modular synth, Roland Boutique JU-06 synths and Roland Boutique JP-08 synths

DB: Roland Boutique JX-03 Synth

Last book you read:

DW: Incompleteness by Rebecca Goldstein (still in progress!) & Hollywood Notebook by Wendy C. Ortiz

DB: Clive Barker – The Scarlet Gospels / we have both started reading Grapefruit by Yoko Ono

Last skill you learned:

DW: a new sound with the Moog Mother 32

DB: how to use Omnisphere 2

Last hopeful moment:

DW: working on a new song called “How To Cast A Perfect Shadow”

DB: getting a Quantum Noise distribution deal

Last time you were starstruck:

DW: meeting Vince Clarke           DB: never

Last album you fell in love with:

DW: Burial – Rival Dealer         DB: Disclosure – Caracal

Last concert you attended:

DW: Nils Frahm          DB: Gary Numan

Last thing you lost your faith in:

DW: The Dead Letter Office            DB: Google

Last promise you made yourself:

No more promises, including this one.

Artwork by Paul Lyren of Library Sciences.
Photo by Elena Charbila of Kid Moxie.
Lost in Stars: Soundcloud - Facebook - Twitter
Slow Breathing Circuit: Mixcloud - Facebook - Twitter


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