Mix 012: Boliden

Barcelona’s José Delgado, a.k.a. Boliden, is behind one of our favorite releases from last year, Then, a collection of ambient beats and washed-out whispers released by cassette label Oxtail Recordings. For his Slow Breathing Circuit guest mix, he weaves together tracks by Unrest, Flying Saucer Attack, and Gigi Masin, and throws in a few tracks of his own.

Name: José
Hometown: Olivares (Seville)
Current city / place of residence: Barcelona
Home away from home: I don’t think I really have one. My only home is always been where my parents are and where I grew up. I come back to the south whenever I can.
Local record shop and you last purchase there:
Discos Paradiso. I bought ‘Sings Reign Rebuilder’ by Set Fire To Flames, I used to like that record during my teenage years.
Last great concert you attended:
I have very good memories of one by Pneu, a French band that played in Barcelona around the time I moved here.
Any particular inspiration or theme for the mix? And even if not, can you say a little bit about a few of the tracks you chose? 
The mix shows some music that I have been enjoying for a long time, and more recent discoveries like Yoshio Ojima or Idea Fire Company. I also included tracks from my first two albums: “Seeds” from Meta (Chemical Tapes, 2015) and “Fences” from Paths (Speaker Footage, 2016). The last track, “Tortilla” is by my friend Matthew Ashworth, it’s an old track from around 2011 that he had on his Soundcloud page some time ago. I’m glad it made its way into the mix.
Tell us about your recent tape, Then, released on Oxtail Recordings? 
Then consists of tracks I made between 2016 – 2018. I have memories of working on the tracks in different places; trains, libraries, planes… With previous albums, I worked on the songs thinking of them as part of an album, but with Then I compiled pre-existing tracks to create the album, so maybe that’s why it’s one of my most stylistically diverse releases. Sometimes I think of it as having a more ‘urban’, ‘nocturnal’ or ‘harsh’ vibe as opposed to my previous album Backyard (Lillerne Tapes, 2017), which somehow I feel is more bucolic.
Any live performances coming up in the future? Other plans?
No live performances planned. Even though my working pace has slowed down during the last few months I have lots of music already recorded that I would like to release.
-photo by Alba G. Mora

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