Premiere: Rome in Reverse – “Grey”

Rome in Reverse is the project of Italian-born Antonella Pacifico, a producer and vocalist currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark.  On her forthcoming album The Prestige, she creates a world that is textured and atmospheric, a collection of layered loops that stretch and grow like young plants reaching for the sunlight.

With blurred, aquatic sounds reminiscent of early Clams Casino and Balam Acab, the album’s first single, “Grey” is a dreamy, drowsy swirl of stuff, matched perfectly by its psychedelic music video.  The latest in a series of visual work from Victor Ferreira, a.k.a. Sun Glitters, the “Grey” video’s animation follows every detail of the track, from Pacifico’s blurred vocals, to the general hypnotic, disorienting dreaminess of it all.  Sun Glitters also helped out with production on the album, and you can definitely hear hints of his influence throughout.

Watch the video now, and keep an eye out for The Prestige when it drops March 2 through RecordJet.

Rome in Reverse on Bandcamp


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