Premiere: Ryan Summers – “March of the Elephants”

Marshfield, Wisconsin’s Ryan Summers has been releasing music under numerous aliases for nearly twenty years, but it wasn’t until last year he started using his given name.  With this change in identity comes a sound that is suspenseful and cinematic, first showcased on last year’s F51.01, and now continued on his latest collection, ii.  

“March of the Elephants” is the first glimpse of ii so far, and like its name implies, the track is both graceful and powerful, stomping through its seven-minute run time with authority.  The album visits various moods and emotions, like the action-packed “Sci-Fi Sequence” and the super creepy “From the Coneflower.”  What’s constant throughout is the feeling of being on an alien world, like Summers is writing a sci-fi / horror epic with only sound.

Check out “March of the Elephants” and “Sci-Fi Sequence” now, and stream the full album starting tomorrow the 23rd.

Ryan Summers on Bandcamp


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