Brandon Locher – ‘EP1’ [Hush Hush]

New York City-based artist Brandon Locher makes intricate, two-dimensional worlds, patchwork jungles of black ink that are equal parts chaos and precision.  While he’s known best for his contribution to the Ghostly International visual aesthetic, it’s Seattle’s Hush Hush Records that released his debut solo EP last week.  The three songs on EP1 only total around thirteen minutes, but there’s a lot going on in them; Locher’s got plenty of experience cramming a lot of detail into limited space.  “Medium Frequency” for example, starts out like robot chamber music, before blossoming into a curious little organism, its breathing and writhing expressed by snippets of sax and xylophone.

You can stream the EP in full, and check out the video for “Air Notes below.  You can always listen back to Locher’s 2016 Slow Breathing Circuit mix here.

Buy EP1 on Bandcamp


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