Sun Glitters – “Together”

“I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone if possible.”

So says Charlie Chaplin at the end of his 1940 sound comedy, The Great Dictator, part of an impassioned speech about the true role of a leader, and the resilience of humanity in the face of fascism. The legendary actor later stated that had he known the full extent of Hitler’s atrocities, he would not have been comfortable making the film. It’s probably best he did, though, since The Great Dictator is now a stone-cold classic of political satire.

Over 75 years later, the words reappear in the music of Victor Ferreira, the Luxembourg, Portugal-based electronic producer who records as Sun Glitters. The sudden appearance of Chaplin’s quote, smack dab in the middle of new single, “Together,” is a reminder that in times like these, even the most carefree music can have big concerns and serious intentions behind it. The song’s playful arpeggios and digitized vocal snippets briefly fade into silence, making room for the message to reach your ears unobscured and unhindered. Then it’s right back to the joyous, utopian chorus of synths, like Ferreira is too focused on the light in front of him to worry about the tunnel.

You can stream “Together” below, and grab the limited lathe cut 7″ at Sly Vinyl. it’s off the forthcoming album, It Will Be Forever, out May 26.


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