Music Video: North Atlantic Drift – “Dream Sequence” (Polar Seas)

Mike Abercrombie and Brad Deschamps of Toronto drone duo North Atlantic Drift are set to release Departures Vol. 1 next week.  They describe the album as their “most stripped down to date,” a “simplified ambient drone…stretched and given tension with string-like timbres.”  That’s certainly the case on early release single “Dream Sequence,” which just got a haunting music video from director Kiarash Sadigh, depicting a blindfolded séance of string musicians, who begin to thrash their instruments with their bows as the comparatively calm track progresses.

Departures Vol. 1 is out March 17 on North Atlantic Drift’s own label, Polar Seas.  Stream the video below and pre-order the album here.

unnamed (9)


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