Premiere: Adrian Ira – “After Hours”

“In some capacity, in some way, I’m gonna make someone cry tonight.”
Toronto’s Adrian Kramer, professional opera tenor, made that slightly audacious statement in an interview with Shmopera, but with a voice like his, tears are pretty much guaranteed.  Kramer travels North America performing with various companies, but he also finds time for artistic pursuits that are less related to his powerful voice.
These projects are recorded under the name Adrian Ira, highlighting the separation he views between the two kinds of work.  As Adrian Ira, he’s explored two areas; a folky singer-songwriter style prevalent on the recent album Looking at Klee, and occasional moody, instrumental pieces.  Ira’s latest single, “After Hours,” falls into the second category, and it’s really damn creepy, slinking along like the mischevious spawn of Angelo Badalamenti and Richard D. James.  Stream the track below, and check out Adrian Ira’s Bandcamp here.



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