Vivian Fantasy – Serial Experiments 1: Pink Witch

After the dissolution of his band, Rem’s Floating Chandelier, Danny Bozella shifted his focus to his ambient solo experiments as Chemists, a name that would eventually change to Vivian Fantasy.  The project developed while Danny was attending VCU in Richmond, Virginia, studying music and sociology while quietly crafting his first album, Slow House Virtual, late at night in the school library.

Vivian Fantasy has plenty of unreleased material, which he plans to share in four volumes called the ‘Serial Experiments.’  The first volume, Serial Experiments 1: Pink Witch, is out now, and for what is technically a lo-fi compilation of tracks that weren’t meant to make an album, Pink Witch is cohesive, inviting, and memorable.  “Pink Witch” sounds like Deerhunter and Broadcast throwing a psychedelic tea party, while “Orchids” has more of a celebratory feel.  While he’s certainly trying on different styles with each track, he makes sure to blur the lines and bring something unique to each of them.  Pink Witch is available as a free download, grab it here.


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