Bohkeh -“Sky” feat. Baechel

The first thing you’ll notice about Los Angeles native RJ Lim is that he is a Pocky fiend.  He simply loves the stuff and wants the world to know it.  The second thing you’ll notice is that he makes neon-bright dance pop as Bohkeh.  Lim’s debut EP, Cotton, is a collection of candy-coated dance floor bangers like “Kissing Faded” and Cotton Damn.”  Now he’s gearing up for a run of singles, the first of which is “Sky,” featuring vocals by Baechel.

IMG_4219.JPGIn the new video for “Sky,” directed by Mimi Vuong, a female protagonist prepares for her date in a most whimsical fashion, before she’s greeted at the door by…well, just watch.  Head to Soundcloud for a free track download.




Bohkeh: FacebookTwitterSoundcloud










-photos by JR Lim



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