Music Video: Katie Gately – “Lift” (Tri Angle)

Katie Gately is one of Tri Angle Records’ most exciting new artists, combining a dark experimental vision with a keen understanding of effective pop theatrics.  The result is Color, a seven-track album that can be playful or nightmarish, sometimes even all at once.  Watch the strange animated video for “Lift” below, created by Louis Morton and Simon Wilches-Castro.  Morton explains:

“While I was listening to the music I was really into studying illuminated manuscripts and medieval illustrations. In my mind the chaos of the music paired well with this look, so I came up with the idea of depicting an ancient society, their rituals and preparations for monsters.”



Katie Gately: SoundcloudTwitterBandcamp

Slow Breathing Circuit: FacebookTwitterMixcloud

-photos by Jasmine Safaeian

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