Gidge – ‘LNLNN’ [Atomnation]

Swedish duo Gidge is Ludvig Stolterman and Jonathan Nilsson, hailing from the small, scenic town of Umeå.  Influenced by the area’s cold, austere beauty, Gidge makes both ambient and downtempo music that celebrates the native terrain.  Most recently they released Lulin, a set of two twenty-minute ambient pieces that, with an adjoining film, explored the arrival of an ambiguous, supernatural character, “Lulin.”

Gidge’s next project is LNLNN, an album that utilizes sounds from Lulin for an entirely different genre, one that rests between Recondite-esque ambient techno and Emancipator’s lush beat landscapes.  Many artists try their hand at both genres, but Gidge has an uncanny knack for always conjuring the same mysterious feeling despite their versatility.  LNLNN is out now through Atomnation.


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