Video Premiere: Elizabeth Joan Kelly – “Departure”

With so many electronic composers releasing grim, serious apocalyptic albums lately, it’s nice to have Elizabeth Joan Kelly’s voice in the mix.  The New Orleans-based artist’s end of the world vision is one of baleen executioners, space travel, and Chernobyl wolves. Having gained attention for her Music for the DMV album last year, the New Orleans-based composer has returned very quickly with Farewell, Doomed Planet!, a half-silly, tongue in cheek tour of the apocalypse.

Today we present the visuals for “Departure,’ one of nine music videos Elizabeth made for the record. In the video, EJK herself flies through space like some kind of Tinkerbell / Captain Marvel hybrid. As its name implies, “Departure” feels like the most triumphant part of the story, as Exclusion Zone Earth, overrun with mutant Chernobyl wolves, is left behind. Confused yet? Stream the entire album below, and things will start to make sense. You can also grab it on CD through the Bandcamp link.


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