AMULETS – ‘Between Distant and Remote’ [Beacon Sound]

While Randall Taylor uses a variety of gear in his work as AMULETS, the project is, at its core, a love letter to magnetic tape. By cutting, splicing, and looping cassettes, he breathes new meaning into them, reinterpreting objects that have already lived long lives and developed time-worn character. With the addition of guitar, foley sounds, and electronics, Taylor creates amniotic, emotional dreamworlds, and Between Distant and Remote is certainly one of his grandest statements yet.

Written and recorded after a move from Austin to Portland, the album is AMULETS’ first release for Beacon Sound, and was mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri At his Black Knoll studio. The vinyl, limited to 500 copies, is sold out at AMULETS’ own bandcamp, but you can still find them at Beacon Sound’s website.

Between Distant and Remote Tracklist
01. Process of Unlearning
02. North Coast, Falling
03. Where the Land Meets the Sea
04. No Signal
05. Feigning Night
06. Song Lake
07. Like Warm Air (We Rose)



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