Whited Sepulchre Records – Lake Mary and the Ranch Family Band / new split cassette batch


Cincinnati-based record label Whited Sepulchre is a deep wellspring of music that is  predominantly slow, ambient, and dark; their roster includes foreboding acts like Planning for Burial and Midwife. But for their last album release of the year, they’ve taken a turn toward something brighter and more triumphant – Sun Dogs, the latest from Chaz Premyk’s Lake Mary project. Welcoming back his collaborators from Full Spectrum records, The Ranch Family Band, the album is full of agile fingerpicking and heavenly pedal steel guitar – a great fit for fans of Balmorhea or Do Make Say Think. The ten-minute title track is true to it’s name, running wild and free in a warm afternoon glow.


With Sun Dogs out 11/15 on vinyl, Whited Sepulchre is also releasing a batch of split cassettes; Lake Mary / Vicky Mettler, TRUPA TRUPA / Suspirians, and drowse / AMULETS. These will be available as a bundle with the Sun Dogs vinyl, or as separate purchases. Pre-order these releases here, and check out the rest of the Whited Sepulchre discography here.






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