Mix 007: jjjacob

Copenhagen-based producer jjjacob just released his most fully-realized work to date, a transcendent six-track EP on Egyptian label ANBA.  Titled Nondestructive Examination, it’s a hefty EP, weighing in at around 35 minutes, and it ebbs and flows between sublime stasis and monumental synth climaxes.  Check out the EP here, and get to know jjjacob through his exclusive Slow Breathing Circuit mix, and a brief Q&A below.
jjjacob / Jacob Stoumann Fosgrau.
Copenhagen(Brønshøj), Denmark.
Current city of residence:
Copenhagen as well! (northwestern part).
Home away from home:
Saguna Baug, an Indian farm that’s a two-hour train ride from Mumbai. I volunteered there some years ago when traveling the world with a friend and the family who ran the place and the whole working community just welcomed us in the best way. It’s such an idyllic spot with lots of different plants, crops, fruits, animals, a lovely river, beautiful mountains, and the best homegrown Indian food you can get!
Your favorite local record shop and a recent purchase:
I unfortunately don’t visit record shops that often, but I think one of the records I got most recently is Garden Of Delete by Oneohtrix Point Never, which my brother gave me as a birthday present last year.
Last concert attended:
I went to Click Festival last Saturday where I amongst other things saw Amnesia Scanner, which was absolute madness!! Really overwhelming show. I really enjoyed a lot of the acts that played, fx KhalilH20P, Moor Mother, Lotic and Rabit. Completely crazy night.
Your go-to instruments and/or hardware:
Piano as go-to instrument – been playing since I was 10, and I try to play a little every day. Not sheet music or any specific songs, just improvising and playing around with whatever comes to mind. This is both a great way to express thoughts and feelings in a non-verbal matter, like an inner dialogue with myself and at the same time, it’s a great way to start ideas for new compositions/tunes.
Never really been much of a hardware kinda guy, the whole new EP and all my other things as jjjacob are completely software-based. It can be a great limitation to have, but I’m probably going to explore more hardware and recording techniques on my next release. My live setup has some hardware, but it’s just knobs, pads and faders to control levels, effects and midi.
Last moment of inspiration:
The shows at Click Festival definitely were an inspiration to me, especially the Amnesia Scanner show. Other than that, I was at Ohm in Berlin the week before that, where they had an old school techno night with Detroit In Effect, which was a blast. A last moment to mention was a live showcase of a friend of mine, Severin from Lyra Valenza and the label Petrola 80, at his EP release party about a month ago – both a really impressing concert and EP.
2018 plans / goals: 
More live/dj-sets! I had my first two live jobs this spring, which were both really great, and tomorrow I’m djing with my partner in crime, Jesper (https://soundcloud.com/jesperflinker) at a Petrola 80 compilation release show. Hopefully, I’ll make another EP this year… or maybe 2! I have some small ideas, but nothing substantial yet, and I have a bachelor thesis to finish before mid-June. Label-wise I’m open to anything, but now that my first two releases were in Canada and Egypt, it would be fun to explore new continents like Asia, Australia or South America. But I also plan to release something in Denmark sometime in the future, maybe with Petrola 80.
jjjacob - Nondestructive Examination
Nondestructive Examination
1. Cestoda
2. Fragmentation of Habitat
3. Chromogenic
4. On My Feet, Both Eyes Closed
5. Nutrient Cycle
6. Ancient Mana Crypt
2018 ANBA Records
Artwork by Jesper Flinker

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