Mix 005: Kodomo


Kodomo is the Japanese word for child, and therefore an all-too-perfect moniker for Chris Child, who spent his youth in Tokyo.  Having given us three LPs so far under the Kodomo name, Child’s latest, Divider, is only an EP, but it marks a new chapter for his sonic palette.  Relying less on samples than ever before, and employing a sweeping, cinematic mood throughout, Divider is Child’s most emotionally resonant release yet, no doubt inspired by the recent birth of his son.

To celebrate the EP’s upcoming release on August 18, Kodomo has given Slow Breathing Circuit an exclusive hour-long mix, featuring two new tracks off Divider, two Kodomo remixes, as well as tracks by Lusine, Moderat, LFO, and more.

1 Empire Systems – Rafael Anton Irisarri
2 Last Time (Jon Hopkins Remix) – Moderat
3 Son – Kodomo
4 The Level – Lusine
5 Moistly – LFO
6 HEL – Kodomo
7 Casyam – Gold Panda
8 Airbreaker – Goth Trad
9 Swisher – Blondes
10 LFO – LFO
11 Disappearing Light (Shigeto Remix) – Kodomo
12 Orange Ocean (Loscil Remix) – Kodomo
 Kodomo Q&A:

Name: Christopher Warren Child

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Current city of residence: Brooklyn, NY

Home away from home: Portland, Maine

Favorite city to perform in and why: Kyoto, Japan —I’d like to say it’s because of the beauty, charm, and culture, but honestly it’s because the food is so damn good!!  (The rest is pretty awesome too.)

Favorite record shop and a memorable or recent purchase there: Manhattan’s Academy Records – Max Richter – Sleep Remixes

Your go-to instrument(s) and/or hardware: Upright Piano, Thumb Piano, MFB Tanzbar, Roland TR-808, Strymon Big Sky, Roland SH-101, Moog Voyager XL, My Modular.

A consistent source of inspiration: Johann Sebastian Bach.


Dream collaboration: J.S. Bach…ok….currently it would be Max Richter.

Plans for touring behind the EP, and other goals for the year: A show is being planned at Wesleyan University in October.  A few new music projects are in the works — one piano-focused and the other more techno-driven.

Pre-Order Divider


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