Aris Kindt – ‘Swan & Odette’ [Kingdoms]


Since its creation in 2011, Scissor & Thread has been Francis Harris’s outlet for releases under his own name, his side projects like Frank & Tony, as well as other artists like Bob Moses and Black Light Smoke.  In 2015 the label released Floods, the debut album by Aris Kindt, comprised of Harris (pictured above) and guitarist Gabe Hedrick.  Now the duo returns on October 20 with Swan & Odette, and the album marks the dawn of Harris’s new label, Kingdoms.  According to Harris, the label will explore everything from “club-inflected jazz, contemporary composition, ambient, and electronic music, to reissues of little-known obscurities from across the musical spectrum.”


Aris Kindt’s music lies somewhere between drone and dub techno, with sparse beats that never go beyond a resting pulse.  Swan & Odette‘s first single, “Several Wolves,” is simultaneously sleek and gloomy, soothing and suspenseful; check it out below, along with a recent podcast from Harris.



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