Televangel – We Dream of Drones

Blue Sky Black Death is one of the most prolific production teams out there, releasing new material so quickly it can be hard to keep up.  Some releases, like 2011’s Noir, are sweeping cinematic masterpieces, while others are more casual beat tapes with names like Stoned and Dethroned.  Lately they’ve been quiet as a pair, with Ryan Maguire’s focus on his solo 88 Ultra project.  We just got the big reveal on what Ian Taggart’s been up to, and it’s a monster work, over an hour and a half of gorgeous instrumentals under the name Televangel.  Each track, or movement, on We Dream of Drones ranges from eight to thirteen minutes, broken up into sections with separate titles (full tracklist below).  To top it off, there are sixteen accompanying music videos. Sixteen.  Check out all the videos here, and grab the full album on Bandcamp.


We Dream of Drones:

Movement 1: Breathing. We Dream Of Drones. The New Deity. Smoke Signals. Obituary.
Movement 2: Search. It Is Out There. Grace. The Trappings.
Movement 3: Four States of Feeling. Sleep. A Tower From Which You Fall. Circles.
Movement 4: Eventide. Oceanic. Syncope. The Pain is Gone.
Movement 5: War Hammers. The Vapors. Funeral For a Friend. Colored.
Movement 6: Our Greatest Dimension. Memory Bank. Yester. Deja Vu.
Movement 7: Hell is Home. Stargazer. Steel Dreams. Heart of Many. Water.
Movement 8: Canyons. Night Watch. The Great Decline. Cherubs. Cosmic Grain. A Home Is Not a Place.




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