Siamese Floater – Places / Feelings EP

Virginia’s Alex Tanson has been making music for years under a variety of names, but on his latest release, Places / Feelings, it feels like he’s hitting the reset button, delivering something more polished and purposeful in the process.  Recording under the name Siamese Floater, he lays down four IDM tracks that vary from one another in mood, yet suggest a clear artistic vision.

Starting off with the twelve-minute “…Where Flowers Know Your Name,” Tanson introduces a rising drone that patiently bides its time with nature samples and snippets of human voice, before evolving into a machine of shuddering percussion and crystalline synth tones.  This lengthy track is followed by “XYZ,” which sees the beats get even angrier and the melodies take a turn toward the dark side.  Once it reaches full force it suddenly fades away, like a nightmare after waking.  “Understanding” and “I Love You” close out the album, two weightless, cathartic tracks that have a gorgeous aerial majesty.

Places / Feelings is a statement from an artist finding a sense of direction.  Siamese Floater’s recent live performances have hinted at the level of skill Tanson’s reached, and now it’s been written in stone.  The album is available to download for free / donation over at Bandcamp.

Siamese Floater: SoundcloudBandcamp


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