Lost in Stars – ‘Once You Were Fire’ EP (feat. Kid Moxie, Alysa Lobo, Darren Burgos)

On his new Once You Were Fire EP, Dylan Willoughby explores two distinctly different genres as Lost in Stars. The EP’s first half is comprised of two shadowy dubstep tracks, with Elena Charbila of Kid Moxie providing vocals. First is the title track, a solemn tribute to Hyperdub’s spoken word emcee, Spaceape, who regrettably passed away recently due to illness. Next is “Elephant & Castle,” a song that combines Charbila’s voice and a reading of Dylan Thomas to, again, pay tribute to the deceased, this time Willoughby’s father. It’s a unique look for dubstep, and he keeps it classy, never allowing any of the silly production theatrics that make many people cringe when the d-word is uttered.

Side two of Once You Were Fire is another story entirely, and the change is certainly abrupt. The last two tracks are old-school synth pop sing-alongs with vocals handled by Alysa Lobo. Willoughby seems to take his influences and make them his own in this genre as well, slowly building momentum through ‘Disappear” and closing with the EP’s peak moment, the incredible “Flown.”  Darren Burgos helps on the production end and provides backing vocals throughout. Stream the EP below and grab it over on Bandcamp.

Lost in Stars: SoundcloudFacebookBandcampTwitter


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