Having released his debut album ‘Two Truths’ at the beginning of the month, Bastian Benjamin answers our questions, and delivers a sensational mix of bracing techno and bass heavy club movers.

Name: Bastiaan van Vuuren

Hometown: Deventer, The Netherlands

Current city / place of residence: Amsterdam

Home away from home: Berlin

Can you tell us a little about your musical background? What bands or other early music endeavors laid the ground work for your productions today? My dad introduced me to Leftfield and Massive Attack when I was really young and they both have played a big part in the development of my sound. As a kid, I also listened to composers like Erik Satie, John Williams, Frédérique Chopin, and Claude Debussy.  Although my sound is way different nowadays, the ‘Black Sands’ album from Bonobo inspired me to start making music. 

Since your album is called Two Truths, what are two things you’ve found to be true in this crazy year?I found out that I need social interaction more than I thought. And releasing an album indeed gives a lot more satisfaction than a single 🙂

What goals do you have for 2021? I’m gonna work on a big live show with a 50 minute movie and live dancers. I’m also gonna release more club-oriented tracks.

Two Truths is out now through the Passage label. Watch the video for album cut “Concrete” below, directed by Benjamin in partnership with Stern Nordsiek, Ibrah Silas Jackson, and Cheyenne Pattiwaël.

-photo by Phuong Boi Nguyen


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