Premiere: Jordan Reyes – “Killing a Monster” [Whited Sepulchre]

The Chicago-based modular synth artist’s latest album combines a soundtrack and an EP.

After debuting last year with the album Close, Chicago-based modular synth artist Jordan Reyes returns with two separate projects with a binding spirit that felt right to present together. Out today on Cincinatti imprint Whited Sepulchre, The Fairchild OST + Borderland EP find Reyes composing brooding modular pieces meant to capture specific feelings.

Side A, theĀ FairchildĀ OST, is a soundtrack to the short film by Reyes’ old friend, Kali Kahn. Opening with the music box melodies of “A Child’s Dream,” the album only gets more ominous as it continues, from the creepy chimes of “Siren Song,” to the doom drone of “Killing a Monster.” While I haven’t seen the film, which concerns sexual assault, “Playing at the Pool” seems to bring a sense of triumph as a conclusion.

The Borderland EP makes up the album’s last three tracks, slightly longer pieces written on the road during an east coast tour, inspired by the “sacred spacelessness” of such traveling. With no directorial boundaries, Reyes’ imagination runs wild on these tracks, leading to more intense, psychedelic works.

Stream “Killing a Monster” above, and get the rest of the album on digital / vinyl here.

Jordan will play Cincinnati’s Torn Light tomorrow (2/29) with Forest Management and Slug Death.




-Jordan Reyes also runs the blog and webstore American Dreams & American Damage.



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