Ultron Atreides – ‘Vulture’ [Pyramid Blood Recordings]

By day, Toronto’s Kris Misner works as a music teacher at a school for the blind and visually impaired.  At night he becomes Ultron Atreides, a psych-folk wizard casting grungy spells to illuminate the darkness around him, meditating on the instability of life and the dishonesty of memory as he stares deep into the fire.


On Ultron’s latest album, Vulture, he blazes a path with his grainy, acidic acoustic guitar riffs, murmuring incantations and occasionally adding some synthy noodling along the way, like on “Merge,” which would sound at home on an early Kurt Vile album. A supernatural, nocturnal ode to existential wonder, Vulture is out now through Pyramid Blood Recordings, available in CD, digital, and patch-with-download forms.




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