Macajey – Surfing the Air (self-released)

Macajey is the recording guise of Jeremy Macachor, a California-raised expat musician and sound tech.  Macachor’s musical path has led him from internships in London and Edinburgh, to an apprenticeship with Valgeir Sigurðsson and Ben Frost in Iceland, and finally to the unlikely Tartu, Estonia, where he settled down and got married.  We did an interview with Jeremy last year with much more detail on his story; since then he’s been crafting a brilliant debut album, Surfing the Air.

“Forests” sets the tone for the album, an intro-track with that outdoorsy, awe-inspiring-nature feel, a cool mossy bed of lush synth washes with electronic tree frogs murmuring overhead.  Out of this, “Surfing the Air” springs to life like the perfect marriage between Panda Bear, Washed Out and Dick Dale. The next handful of tracks are joyous, anthemic psychedelic pop, showcasing Macachor’s impressive skillset, from his multi-instrumental ability to his unique songwriting, arranging, mixing, you name it. These songs are simply alive and remarkably cohesive, not once does Macachor miss the mark. Aside from a few simple guest contributions from his sister and frequent collaborator, Ashley, he’s constructed this album as a one-man band, and I’d argue you can hear him finding his sound and himself in the process.  Stream Surfing the Air below.

Buy Surfing the Air on Bandcamp


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