New Tendencies – ‘Missed Month’

Screenshot 2017-09-06 13.06.58

Have you ever wished you could take a month off from life and dive headfirst into your creative pursuits?  You probably have, and while it’s an impossible luxury for most, it’s one that, on paper at least, should produce great results.  But Toronto’s Matt Nish-Lapidus, a.k.a. New Tendencies, will tell you that it’s a situation with it’s own set of challenges and frustrations, describing his month in early 2017 spent with a new, self-made modular synth as:

“…a time of amazing flexibility, freedom, and exploration, as well as anxiety and uncertainty. During that time I poured myself into the modular synth I had been building for a while, and played with different processes for sound design and composition.”

The result is Missed Month, a five-track release that’s equal parts scientific experiment and artistic statement.  The tracks lurch and whirr like newborn Frankenstein contraptions trying to come to terms with themselves.  It’s the sound of man and machine meeting each other halfway; an ominous, altogether enjoyable listen.




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