On our last mix, we featured Spartan Jet-Plex, who plays a big part in facilitating Richmond, VA-based, LGBTQ-centered record label Grimalkin Records. They told us about their experience running a label that emphasizes social work, and selected tracks from the label’s eclectic roster. Our latest guest, Cincinnati, Ohio’s Ryan Hall, shares this passion for activism with his label, Whited Sepulchre Records. He unpacks his many roles in the music world, and shares some of his favorite tracks from the label’s discography of ambient, slow core, and other experimental genres.

Name: Ryan Hall

Hometown: Littleton, CO

Where do you live now? 

I’ve been in Cincinnati, OH for the past 8 years. I really love it but prior to that I’ve called Swaziland, Africa, Seattle, WA and Salt Lake City, UT home. 

When did you start Whited Sepulchre Records? 

I started WSR in 2016 with the releases by braeyden jae and ant’lrd

You wear a lot of hats in the music world, what are some of your other projects? 

I certainly do! All of them are outside of my actual job as a Social Worker. I run a small music blog called Tome to the Weather Machine that I started in 2009 and somehow still find myself writing for. I also work as a publicist for Clandestine PR and record under the moniker Openly Weep. My first EP will be out this August on A Red Thread.

Can you tell us a little about the most recent release on WSR, and your next forthcoming release?

At the time of this writing my most recent release will be Mark Trecka‘s Acknowledgment. Mark was introduced to me by Madeline Johnston (Midwife) after they did a split together on The Flenser with Amulets and Susan Alcorn. Mark’s music immediately grabbed me. It’s a record that I couldn’t find too many entrance points into but the more I listened the more I was convinced that this is a very important record. Musically, it sits somewhere between John Cage‘s Sonatas and interludes, Circuit des Yeux and Robert Wyatt‘s output from the 70’s. Content wise it reflects the past 15 years of Mark’s writing, conversations and thoughts on some deeply personal and political topics – the title “acknowledgment” gets at the idea that we have this deep connection to each other that exists outside of, and often in defiance of,  state violence against houseless, incarcerated and stateless individuals. It seems to get at this idea that this connection is rooted in love or joy, rather than an anxious concern or liberal burden. It’s really beautiful. Just Mark’s voice, piano and some home-assembled tape loops. 

For upcoming releases I have three releases that are essentially coming out at the same time due to a major disruption in vinyl manufacturing. At the end of this month I’ll be  announcing releases from Allison Lorenzen, Desert Liminal and Zvrra. All are very different from each other – which is in the spirit of Whited Sepulchre’s omnivorous approach to music.  

How did you go about choosing tracks for your guest mix?

I wanted to showcase our wide ranging catalog while still maintaining a consistent flow throughout. With over 30 releases I wasn’t quite able to get to everything, but still this represents a pretty good cross-section of what we release. 


Mark Trecka – “Guides” – Acknowledgment (2021)

Ezra Feinberg – “Figure & Ground” – John Kolodij / Ezra Feinberg Split (2020)

Rew – “Fragile Abundance” – Garden of Astral Blooms (2021)

Lake Mary & The Ranch Family Band – “Sun Dogs” – Sun Dogs (2019)

Brianna Kelly – “To Behold You” – Brianna Kelly / Sympathy Pain Split (2018)

Nicole Oberle – “Unnamed” – Skin (2020)

Planning for Burial – “Astrid” – Planning for Burial / Sister Grotto Split (2017)

Animal Hospital – “No Pressure” – Fatigue (2020)

Forest Management – “Blue Leaves” – Passageways (2019)

Jordan Reyes – “Walking Across a Bridge” – Fairchild OST + Borderland EP (2020)

Eve Maret – “Freedom” – Stars Aligned (2020)


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