An Ant and An Atom – Exterior EP


Lethbridge, Alberta’s Sean Warkentine creates moody dronescapes as An Ant and an Atom, a fitting moniker for an artist whose music makes one feel a bit small and insignificant.  While his most recent release, the Exterior EP, evokes the cold, looming menace of deep space, the track titles hint at a different perspective, depicting Earth as claustrophobic and space as boundless and free (e.g. “The Crush of Gravity,” or “I Dreamt of Reaching Space, but Couldn’t Calculate the Escape Velocity for Reality.”)  Exterior is a mostly suspenseful journey, turning hopeful briefly before ending with the massive “Heat Up Another Planet, Burn Out Another Sun.”


Watch the video for “My Craft Broke at Launch” below, and grab the EP in digital or cassette form here.  For those in Alberta, An Ant and an Atom will perform at Edmonton Noisefest on August 26.



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