Midwife – ‘Like Author, Like Daughter’ [Whited Sepulchre]

Denver’s Madeline Johnston, who records as Sister Grotto, was a resident of Rhinoceropolis, a long-time fixture of the city’s arts scene that was recently shut down, a fate shared by many other D.I.Y. venues nationwide following Oakland’s horrible Ghost Ship fire.  Johnston’s latest album, this time under the name Midwife, is a perfect record for bleak times, depicting the singer with head held high as she stares straight into the void.  Like the abandoned mattress on the album cover, everything is in decay for Madeline Johnston, but the human spirit might just be the one exception.

With recording and production help by Tucker Theodore, Like Author, Like Daughter will drop June 16 through a new Cincinnati label, Whited Sepulchre records.  Listen to “Liar” below, and keep an eye out for the full LP, which will come with a companion split cassette with Planning for Burial.


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