Music Video: Forest Swords – “Arms Out” (Ninja Tune)

Matthew Barnes just announced a new Forest Swords album called Compassion, a title that suggests the ominous shadows of his previous work might dissipate a bit this time around.  “Arms Out” proves that theory, a track that starts out normally enough before opening up into a gorgeous string section unlike anything we’ve heard from the Merseyside, Liverpool-based artist.  The core sound is the same – ancient, mysterious, ritualistic – but there’s much more sunlight peeking through the forest canopy here.  Watch the video for “Arms Out” below.  Compassion is out May 5, and is Barnes’ debut for Ninja Tune records.


01 War It
02 The Highest Flood
03 Panic
04 Exalter
05 Border Margin Barrier
06 Arms Out
07 Vandalism
08 Sjurvival
09 Raw Language
10 Knife Edge

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