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Bibio – “Sheila Sets Sail” / “Tribio” 7″ – Artist’s Valley #76/200 (HS 046 // 2005)

Usually when an item’s price is inflated on Discogs or ebay, it obviously means it’s limited and there aren’t any more available from the original source.  Bibio’s “Sheila Sets Sail” single is an exception to the rule, I somehow bought it twelve years after release at a normal price, can’t remember what the exact web store was but it just goes to show, it’s always worth checking before you pay through the nose.


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Forest Swords – Dagger Paths EP – Olde English Spelling Bee (OESB-48 // 2010)

Sure, there are familiar elements of dub and so on in Matt Barnes’ music, but his breakout EP as Forest Swords sounded like nothing I’d ever heard before, a spooky nocturnal trip with plenty of unpredictable dark corners.  For Barnes, it’s a soundtrack of sorts for his home in The Wirral, an English peninsula near Liverpool, a place full of ancient history and plenty of gloom.



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Botany – Deepak Verbera – Western Vinyl (WV146 // 2016)

One of my favorites from last year, Deepak Verbera sees Spencer Stephenson’s lush, floral beat swagger distilled down to a transcendental ambience, with subtle hints of IDM and spiritual jazz, enveloping you in a rainforest of sound.  Yes, that is a bacon sticker on my turntable.





Visible Cloaks –Reassemblage – Rvng. Intl. (RVNGNL37 // 2017)

Spencer Doran and Ryan Carlile make a strange type of staccato ambient music, in a style that has similarities with Oneohtrix Point Never and James Ferraro.  Subtly graceful but with an insidiously alien feeling to it as well, it’s furniture music for the levitating chrome recliners of some future civilization.