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Curator, writer, photographer: Mike Waite

Photo / Video: Clara Castle

Submissions – mikewaite22@gmail.com

Labels we love:

!K7, Alphapup, Anticon, Antiquated Future, Brainfeeder, Clave House, Constellation, Dome of Doom, Doom Trip, Domino, Editions Mego, Erased Tapes, Fake Four, Filthy Broke Recordings, Fort Evil Fruit, Friends of Friends, Future Archive Recordings, Geology, Ghostly International, Graveface, Hausu Mountain, Hush Hush, Hyperdub, Injazero, Innovative Leisure, Jiaolong, Kompakt, Kranky, Leaving Records, Merge, Ninja Tune, Other People, Oxtail Recordings, Pampa, Planet Mu, R&S, RVNG INTL., Sacred Bones, Secret Songs, Shimmering Moods, Stones Throw, Temporary Residence Ltd., Thrill Jockey, Tri Angle, Tru Thoughts, True Panther Sounds, Warp, Western Vinyl, Whited Sepulchre, Young Heavy Souls

Thanks to:

Earmilk, SiouxZ, Geo, Dylan, Elena, Mirza, Damani, Zack, Ed, Tim, Eliza, Tanson, Kendall, Maxine

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