Dismal Niche’s annual Midwest gathering returns

For the fourth year, Columbia, Missouri-based tape label Dismal Niche will host a three-day experimental music festival from October 5-7, and we here at Slow Breathing Circuit are excited to be attending for the first time.  The festival’s full 2018 lineup has been finalized, and while there are a few outliers, like Seattle’s Benoît Pioulard, most of the selections come from Midwest cities like St. Louis, Cincinnati, and Kansas City, therefore serving as an in-depth look at an overlooked region in the musical world.  With promises of film screenings, workshops, visual art exhibits and more, the CEMF is sure to be an enlightening weekend.

Check out the full lineup below (grab tickets here)

benoit_36_250 Amulets_10_250

Benoît Pioulard                                                         Amulets

CEMF 2018 Lineup:

-HEAR in NOW (Chicago, NYC, Italy)
-ONO (Chicago)
-Glenn Jones (Boston)
-Benoît Pioulard (Seattle)
-Entrancer (Denver)
-Forest Management (Chicago)
-Eric Dontè (St. Louis)
-Midwife (Denver)
-AMULETS (Portland)
-Alex Cunningham (St. Louis)
-Oxherding (St. Louis)
-Joann McNeil (St. Louis)
-Mourning. [A] BLKstar (Cleveland, OH)
-18andcounting (DJ set) (St. Louis)
-Scammers (Kansas City)
-Complainer (St. Louis)
-Jennifer Simone (Cincinnati, OH)
-Lake Mary (Columbia)
-The Devin Frank Vanishing Blues Band (Columbia)
-Vulvette (Columbia)
-Loose Loose (Columbia)
-Tim Pilcher (Columbia)
-Scales (DJ set) (Columbia)
-It’s Me: Ross (Columbia)


tim-pilcher_250                   ONO-_4_250

Tim Pilcher                                                                                                                              ONO

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