Mix 006: Tigresss


Tigresss is a young producer hailing from the Pacific Northwest, making a unique brand of instrumental hip-hop and downtempo that’s as lush and full of beauty as his home territory.  For his Slow Breathing Circuit mix, he’s given us a stellar set of all original material; listen below, and get to know Tigresss through a quick Q&A:
Tracklist :
Stalagmite Throne
Low at Dawn
Depths Apart
Ebb & Flow
Fronds for Swords
The Tall Grass
First Light
In Silence
Desert Child
Name: Tigresss.
Hometown: Marysville, Washington.
Current city of residence: Everett, Washington.
Home away from home: Sedona, Arizona.
Last concert attended: Just saw a really good “wave” line up at the underground in Seattle this past weekend, before that James Blake at the Moore last October.
Favorite record shop and a recent purchase: Silver Platters in Lynwood, Radiohead’s Hail to the Thief.
Consistent source of inspiration: constantly being outside for hobby and work, I really enjoy feeling the seasons change and I think it really does reflect in my work.
Dream collaboration: Probably Bjork, she had a heavy early influence on my interest in electronic music, and I’d really like to take in her artistic process and also be able to work  with a vocalist of that caliber.
2018 Goals: Music-wise I’d really like to see my music spread and maybe put out another release through the imprint I’ve been submitting music to, and also to get further out of my comfort zone with the music I’m making.

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