Sun Glitters expands new album ‘It Will Be Forever’ into a stunning full-length movie


Hailing from the small, Western European country of Luxembourg, Victor Ferreira has been releasing music as Sun Glitters since 2011, making fans all over the world through his weightless, dreamy trip-hop and collaborations with artists like Arms & Sleepers, Steffaloo, Teen Daze, and Blackbird Blackbird.  As skilled in graphic design as he is in music, Ferreira does all his own album art, along with logo work and album covers for other artists.  For his latest LP, the epic, nostalgia-laced It Will Be Forever, Sun Glitters combines his talents and achieves what few artists dare attempt; a full-length film that’s as vital to the album as the music itself.

Musically, It Will Be Forever is a new chapter for Sun Glitters, setting aside crystallized synth psychedelia for a retro, cinematic sound that hits your brain somewhere between the Drive soundtrack, recent Tycho, and the dusty VHS home videotapes from when you were a kid.  Ferreira pairs these tracks with a fractured, glitchy mosaic of footage depicting people, wildlife, natural beauty, all in constant motion, loving, grieving, breathing, living.  While some of them are action-packed, or dark and ominous, most of these shots simply depict everyday life, and how beautiful it all is when you’re looking through the right lens.

You’ll find joy time and time again in perfect little moments of the journey, whether on a sunlit beach, or a train ride through flocks of birds and silent windmills.  Then, in the film’s final moments, it all quickly flies past your eyes again in reverse, a stirring climax that mimics the way life is described as flashing before one’s eyes before death.  But rather than ending on a down note, It Will Be Forever leaves you inspired and ready to get out there and live.  Strap on some headphones, get comfy, and watch the film in full now.

Buy It Will Be Forever on Bandcamp

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