Sophie Lilliene – Apnoea EP

Italian producer VeZzO has been releasing music under the Sophie Lillienne moniker for over a decade, creating a fusion of classic trip-hop and other electronic styles with an ever-rotating list of collaborators.  With a long list of albums and EPs under the Sophie Lillienne name, as well as a slew of remixes (including a great reworking of Massive Attack’s “Teardrop”), VeZzO’s latest offering is the four-track Apnoea EP.

Apnoea consists of two vocal tracks that recall trip-hop’s golden age, with frigid beats and rich string arrangements providing a fitting environment for VeZzO’s tragic lamentations.  The other half explores instrumental ideas, starting with the title track’s softly suspenseful creep, hovering like a flying saucer half-obscured by dark clouds.  “November 14” starts out like a track by The Range with its simple, dramatic piano loop, closing out the EP with a somber combination of acoustic guitar, piano, and electronics.

The Apnoea EP is out now through Irma Records.  Watch the video for the title track below.

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