Clark details new album ‘Death Peak,’ announces tour dates with Com Truise

“I’ve had the title Death Peak since August 2016. It felt so right, I would repeat it to myself like a mantra. Death Peak Death Peak Death Peak. It starts gently, all meadows and butterflies and ends with you on top of this gnarly fearsome mountain peak, surveying a shattered landscape below.”

So says Chris Clark about his latest album for Warp Records.  While Clark has had a long, varied career for the British label, he really hit the sweet spot on his 2014 self-titled LP, combining dystopian futurism, classic rave euphoria, and the raw power of nature for what felt like a long-awaited magnum opus.  From the sound of its lead single, “Peak Magnetic,” Death Peak looks to continue exploring this glorious, unforgiving terrain.


With Death Peak out April 7, Clark is set to embark on a tour with Com Truise and Roland Tings starting May 1.  He’ll be unveiling an elaborate new visual live show, check out a sneak peek and tour dates below.

unnamed (1).jpg


photo by Tim Saccenti

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