Today, Bandcamp is donating its share of profits to the ACLU

For every terrifying thing that’s happened in the news as of late, there’s been an inspiring response from all the people out there who still have a soul.  The arts community is a crucial aspect of any resistance, and in modern times music has been one of the biggest examples, with its pervasive emphasis on political free speech, togetherness, and acceptance.  Music has always been a great way to raise funds too, and today Bandcamp is stepping up to the plate, donating their share of all sales to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Many artists and labels are matching this, offering their portion to the ACLU as well.  Labels like Hyperdub, DFA, and Mexican Summer are all in on it, as are artists like Four Tet, Los Campesinos!, and Germany Germany.  Some are choosing a different charity, like post-metal band Pelican, who will give profits to Doctors Without Borders.  Meanwhile, Son Lux and Xiu Xiu are going above and beyond, donating proceeds for the next four years, the entire first (and please oh please God, only) Trump term.

See a complete list of artists involved here, but remember, buying anything at all from Bandcamp today will help a vital cause; the basic rights of human beings.


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