Listen to a teaser for Keith Kenniff’s upcoming charity compilation, ‘Disquiet’

Keith Kenniff records music under the names Helios and Goldmund, and with his wife as Mint Julep.  Known for his charity-minded efforts in the music community, Kenniff’s latest endeavor is Disquiet, a collection of ambient works by some of the best in the business.  Tracks are either unreleased gems or stuff composed specifically for the release, so there won’t be anywhere else to find them.  Slated to be the first of three volumes, Disquiet‘s proceeds will go to causes that support environmentalism, investigative journalism, women, and minorities.

Listen to a teaser for the release below, with a time-stamped tracklist so you can keep up.  Disquiet will be available soon, and is a cause well worth supporting.



0:00 Balmorhea – Natural World

0:30 Ben Lukas Boysen – Kentograph (Short Version)

0:56 The Album Leaf – AW 11316

1:30 Mint Julep – Longshore Drift

2:00 Eluvium – Windmills

2:34 Windy and Carl – For End of 2016

3:08 Synkro – Transition

3:40 Benoit Pioulard – Home Taping Billowed Edge

4:10 Helios – Within

4:50 Christina Vantzou – Chione

5:40 Hammock – In the Shape of Longing


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