Slow Breathing Circuit’s Top Tracks of 2016 Mix

Wrapping up the year in music by using the word ‘best’ is completely absurd.  I don’t care how many brains you put in a room or for how long, they’re going to come up with a list that’s still really just opinion.  Rant over.  With that being said, we’re certainly happy to fill you in on what some of our favorite tracks were this year.

The following playlist travels through the blissful blues of High Water’s “Moonlight Mind,” Child Actor and Marchenko’s art-pop, Botany’s mystic ambient, and Mndsgn’s funky self-empowerment, ending with Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s eleven-minute epic, “Existence in the Unfurling.”  Full tracklist is below.

(01) High Water  "Moonlight Mind"
(02) Botany  "Burning From the Edges Inward"
(03) Jenny Hval  "Conceptual Romance"
(04) Andy Stott  "New Romantic"
(05) Katie Gately  "Sift"
(06) Burial  "Nightmarket"
(07) Mndsgn  "Use Ya Mnd (Twentyfourseven)"
(08) Niki & The Dove  "Play It On My Radio"
(09) Marchenko  "Low Heat Setting"
(10) Lymbyc Systym  "Opposing Bodies"
(11) Negative Gemini "You Never Knew"
(12) The Range  "Florida"
(13) Anenon  "CXP"
(14) Nicolas Jaar  "History Lesson"
(15) Child Actor "Flesh"
(16) Underworld  "Ova Nova"
(17) Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith  "Existence in the Unfurling"

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